Surviving #Quarantine & How I’m Loving It

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It took a #Pandemic and Government enforced #Quarantine to slow me down enough to restart my blog. I have been slowly working on it for almost 2 years! I know, shame on me. I can say wholeheartedly I am enjoy all the free time it’s alotted me.

It’s been 8 weeks since I last clocked out at work.

I remember the moment our governor announced the schools would be closing, This is when I knew things were serious. Having no food backup (like everyone else we didn’t shop regularly for food) The only items we really had were boxes of pasta. We had no meats as well. Just a package of ground chicken. Immediately I called my husband. Told him we really needed to stock up as I felt a #quarantine was coming next.

It feels like it’s been months. But it has been, frankly, an amazing 8 weeks.

“How can I avoid #Coronavirus?” was probably the most searched question until a few days ago. Today, most nations to keep their people safe have asked them to remain in #quarantine and practice social distancing. As the number of infections lessen, more countries are finally beginning to reopen.

With a quick turn of events, the question above has been slowly replaced with a one that is hard to answer- How to stay sane and positive in times of self-isolation? Alcohol? Hmm, maybe?

Pause, Reflect & Be Happy

The fear of an outbreak coupled with a #quarantine could get under the skin and make you feel lonely and depressed.

As scary as it’s been my baby, daughters and husband have figured out how to keep a smile on my face. Breakfast, lunch and dinner with my family everyday has been a blessing! Playtime with the little guy is priceless and guess what? I haven’t missed any of my sons terrible 2’s milestones. I have seen him go from my sweet little pudgekin to a terrible little terrorist that has me screaming, OMG WHERE’S THE ALCOHOL!!!

Tristan has gone from only saying Da-da to saying a handful of words. My favorite being ‘park’. He want’s to go out so badly he learned to say park lol. We’ve had a lot more time to read, so we broke out all of his books. We installed a chalkboard wall and mounted a TV in his room. Purchased a ball pit, batting T and a slide in the living room to keep him busy and active. Come to think, I believe we have purchased every toy available on the market!

I’ve had more time to play with him – a precious, huge, unlimited amount of time. I don’t have to keep him on schedule in the morning: get him up, change his diaper, get him dressed, feed him breakfast, brush his hair, brush his teeth, or pack his nanny-bag.

As the world is struggling with a deadly pandemic, it might not seem like the best time to talk about being positive.

However, not many know that staying happy, hopeful, and positive during these hours of global crisis, is how we would eventually overcome this unfortunate scenario.

Here’s how I have made out so far during this #Quarantine a.k.a house arrest

1. Chased my son around the house, off surfaces & places he shouldn’t be.

2. Learned to make new things

Italian Wedding Soup

3. Dealt positively with supermarket shenanigans

4. Dealt with Tristan shenanigans.


6. Created new ways to entertain Tristan

7. Didn’t miss not ONE Taco Tuesday!!

Taco’s De Chorizo y Juevo
Homemade Barbacoa Bowl
Barbacoa Tacos

8. Cooked some of my favorite meals!

Rellenos De Papa
Rellenos De Papa
Arroz Con Salchichas
Marinara Sauce
Marinara & Meat Sauce

But my biggest accomplishment was actually finally being able to GET THIS BLOG BACK UP!!!!!!!!!

I hope you guys enjoyed this read. It is good to finally get back. And, as I said. I can’t believe it took a global pandemic so I could sit down and finish the transfer of this blog.

Thank you truly for sticking around and hopefully you’ll come back celebrate and create more recipes with me!


Elena’s Honey Teriyaki Garlic Drumsticks

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